What is a Doula? 

Jennifer is a postpartum and birth doula trained through DONA international.  

Postpartum doulas help you in preparing for your little one's arrival with education and practical advice.  Once baby arrives a postpartum doula is trained in all aspects of caring for the newborn, and will gently guide families through these day to day changes.  We provide education, emotional support and reassurance, often reducing the number of calls to your pediatrician.  Doulas are trained in what is normal, and are prepared to make referrals to other trusted local providers to get your family the best support possible.  One of new family's favorite things is a doula's help with chores and overnight care so that you can rest and focus on spending quality time with your new baby.  

Birth doulas provide emotional, physical, information and continuous support.  Your doula works for You, not the hospital.  You will be their only client and priority at the time of your labor and delivery.  Birth doulas are trained in supporting families through all kinds of births from water births at home to planned cesarean/ surgically assisted births for more complex cases.  A doula will work with you ahead of time to better understand your goals and make a plan for how to achieve them.  Birth doulas bring along a well stocked birth bag full of pain relieving, time passing and ambiance creating items, and maybe even a few yummy snacks.  

Some Benefits to Using a Doula

What a Doula is NOT 

Doulas do NOT replace your partner!  Instead we help coach partners on how to best support the mother during childbirth, early parenting and beyond.  Education and emotional support is important for partners too.  And of course, a doula can help with day to day tasks taking some pressure off so you can focus on enjoying your baby and get some very needed rest.  

Doulas are NOT just for hippies!  Doulas support families in all situations including those wishing to use pain medications and those experiencing complex pregnancies.  A doula will support you in making the decisions that are best for your family.  

Doulas will NOT tell you what to do.  A doula will work to learn your preferences and help you design a plan to achieve those goals.  Doulas can offer explanations, answer questions, and help you better understand the options for whatever choices you are being presented.  

Doulas are NOT medical professionals.  Doulas do NOT perform medical procedures or give diagnosis.  Doulas are trained on what is 'normal' for mothers and new babies during and after birth.  This can be used to help you understand what to expect ahead of time, and to help make appropriate referrals if they believe something requires further attention.